Smart Contracts Development with the BG Blockchain team

Boost your business efficency using an advanced blockchain technology as digital smart contracts are encoded in computer language.

What can we offer


We offer a range of blockchain development including Smart Contract development and consulting for both public and your personal blockchain. We will create a RoadMap for the implementation of your product, design the framework of your network, pick the most suitable blockchain for you, and think through all the necessary features and integrations.

Smart contract
Smart contract

We design and develop smart contracts suitable for a variety of industries. Our solutions enable fast creation, bug-free execution and management of Smart Contracts on any compatible blockchain network. Smart Contract development is the main focus of BG Blockchain.


We offer a comprehensive DApp development including Smart Contracts, front end, back end and design. Developing DApps with smart contracts, we code business logic and provide direct interaction between the two communicating parties.


We improve brand awareness online with effective marketing strategies and achieve the goals you set. We organise the process of promoting and providing a product or service to your customers, as well as we build partnerships with them to grow your business.

Platforms we use to develop Smart Contracts

The most popular open platform that is suitable for developing and supporting Smart Contracts.
The world's fastest blockchain and a growing cryptocurrency ecosystem with thousands of projects.
A blockchain network designed to launch applications based on Smart Contracts which offers faster transaction speeds and lower GAS fees.

Gas is the unit that represents the computational efforts required to complete different transactions on the blockchain. Just as that gas you fill your car with, this GAS fuels all the actions you take on the blockchain network.For every transaction, you must perform a number of computational steps in order to complete it, where each step requires processing power and someone has to pay for using that power. Miners will not pay for this out of their own pockets. Therefore, end users must pay a fee for using that power in order to complete a transaction on the blockchain. This fee is what you, as the end user, pay for the amount of gas used to process your transaction and it is called a GAS fee. Read more

How can your business benefit from
developing a Smart Contract

With a few lines of code, companies would be able to perform a variety of actions, including financing purchase orders. Moreover, the contract code is executed decentrally and globally. In other words, Smart Contracts work regardless of geographic boundaries. This is why it will help any business to grow.
One of the challenging aspects of accelerating business processes is the need to confirm transactions manually. This process is automated since the necessary data is already in the system thanks to Smart Contracts. This way, companies can trust the algorithm and not waste time by constantly checking the other party's status in the contract.
A Smart Contract is a pre-written and tested code. It is therefore predefined and cannot by design contain any errors. This is why Smart Contracts are generally a more reliable way of making transactions.
Every negotiation often requires an intermediary who can supervise the fulfillment of obligations. In fact, the Smart Contract will be that intermediary. It works way more effectively, and saves your time and money for business growth.

Categories we provide smart contract
development services in

Real Estate

Our most recent work

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Viev artwork
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Mystical Energy | NFT
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A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded, that is a unique asset. NFTs are tokenised versions of digital or real assets. They act as a proof of authenticity and ownership on the blockchain network.ОBG-Blockchain's team of talented and experienced artists & designers work on creating modern art - and thats the way we see the world of NFT. Our artists will take care of all the work: from the original idea to the final listing on popular NFT marketplaces. Read more

Roadmap for the Smart Contract development
on the blockchain

Setting requirements

Analysis and insight into upcoming as well as existing requirements

Examination and study of the business idea that will be implemented in Smart Contracts

Road-map creation

Technical planning

Smart Contract documentation

The creation of a detailed data flow diagram

Designing the technical architecture

Creating a product development plan

The detailed development

Developing the structure of a smart contract on an alpha level

Developing the structure of a smart contract on a beta level

Selecting the released version

Release of a smart contract

Release and upgrade of Smart Contracts

Deploying a Smart Contract to the Blockchain network

Prioritising product improvements based on previous solutions

Implementing new contracts

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